Carol Ann’s New DVDs

Carol Ann Sherman’s “Skillet Batik”

Carol Ann Sherman Presents “Skillet Batik”. This DVD focuses on watercolor batik on rice paper. Carol Ann will show you the process from the initial drawing and it’s transfer onto the rice paper, to the final stages of either mounting the batik on a canvas or on a piece of watercolor paper. She will demonstrate the technique she uses to apply alternating layers of wax and watercolor. You will learn many tips and useful hints on how to paint a successful batik. Spice up your paintings with something new and out of the ordinary. Think beyond 140 and 300 pound papers. Add some fun to your painting!

19.95 + Shipping & Handling

Painting on Yupo with Carol Ann Sherman

In her new DVD Carol Ann shares with you the necessary information to master the application of watercolor on Yupo. You’ll learn how to use the initial underpainting to create a synergy throughout your work. You will also become familiar with methods of paint application. This method allows you to paint light to dark or dark to light as you please. It can be a fresh and forgiving new way to paint with watercolors. Add some fun to your paintings

19.95 + Shipping & Handling