Meet the “Princess of Yupo”, Carol Ann Sherman. Known for her extraordinary artistic talents, Carol Ann’ s colorful works come to life on this recyclable, environmentally friendly (tree-free) synthetic paper known as Yupo.

Carol Ann considers her life as a major work of art ~ full of whimsy and lush colors. Her high energy and effervescent personality are evident through everything and everyone she touches. Carol Ann’s paintings are characterized by a strength of composition, a recognizable line quality, and a layering of color on color and tone on tone. Somewhat of an experimental artist, Carol Ann’s style is contemporary representationalism.

A well known and established instructor, Carol Ann shares her talent, skills, and tips by teaching traditional watercolor, batik on rice paper, watercolor on Yupo, and drawing. She offers individual as well as class instruction, throughout the United States. She is currently working on a series of books and videos demonstrating her amazing watercolor skills and techniques.

Originally from Freehold, New Jersey, Carol Ann attended Moore College of Art and then, the University of Miami, where she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts. Carol Ann’s studio is in Delray Beach, where she resides with her two rescued daschunds, Molle Ann & Busta.

In Carol Ann’s words…